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We take care of residential and large commercial clients all around Derbyshire. Our prices are competitive, but not the cheapest because quality is not sought by the amount of money you paid. We have a good network of local tarmac material suppliers. As we purchase materials in bulks, we receive a decent discounts on all our purchases which in turn reduces the price we charge our clients.
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Tarmac is simply a material consisting of broken stones mixed with tar that is used for surfacing roads or other outdoor areas. The full name is tarmacadam, but was shortened to tarmac. Tarmac is an excellent and durable surfacing material for every conditions because it can withstand freezing temperatures, heavy rain and hot summers. It is exceptionally resilient to vehicles that are heavy, which is why it is commonly used for driveways and roads. They can come in different colours which include white, grey, red, black, to mention a few.
Some of the colours can be seen through the photo grid as shown below

If you have a big family with lots of cars or heavy traffic coming in and out of your driveway daily, you are going to need a material that will not get damaged or cracked under pressure. Then tarmac is a good option for you.


Tarmac driveways are one of the popular types of driveways and the choices of many in the UK. They are cheaper and easy to install when compared with the standard block paving driveway. Tarmac driveways usually last from 10 to 25 years or more after construction. The durability of a tarmac driveway can be established base on the quality of Installation which Premium Driveways of Derby offers and sometimes climatic conditions. Maintenance is also a leading factor in sustaining a tarmac driveway. The more you maintain it the more it last for you and Premium Driveways of Derby is there to give you the maintenance.


Tarmac driveway can be your one stop shop as it offers you a variety of colours, sizes and patterns with great aesthetic pleasures. Its durability, affordability, longevity and easy maintenance are second to none when offered by Premium Driveways of Derby.
Seeing an array of fully installed tarmac driveways is pleasurable to behold. Why look further?
Below is a picture grid of some beautifully installed tarmac driveways.

Premium Driveways of Derby offer professional tarmac solutions for both our residential and commercial clients in the local Derby area. We Install tarmac driveways for public and private road surfaces, car parks, pathways, commercial premises, home premises and on any other surface you deemed it necessary to have a quality tarmac Installation. A luxury tarmac surface not only look fantastic, but totally enhances the overall look of your home. The coverage of ugly surface areas at your premises is an added advantage. If you are looking for a potential buyer for your home, tarmac can rapidly transform the look of your home into a new paradise with the help of Premium Driveways of Derby. Cost effectiveness and economy can be achieved through our durable and simple to maintain Installed tarmac driveways.

While we are having a survey on a potential tarmac driveway Installation, we take into consideration the drainage system and the existing sub surface where the tarmac will be laid upon. We do not leave anything to chances as our company relies on our customer recommendations portfolio.
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Some Precautions on the use of tarmac driveways

It is advisable not to use your freshly installed tarmac driveway immediately. Allow it to stay for a period of 2 to 5 five days depending on the weather condition of your area. The reason is to allow the materials to solidify appropriately before usage.
Avoid turning the tires of a stationary car on the driveway so that it will not stain or have marks on the surface of your tarmac driveway. Always manoeuvre gently.
Ensure not to apply too much pressure on your new tarmac driveway. If items like step ladder, trailer feet, caravan legs, motorbike stands are to be used on the tarmac, please place a timber board under before using the items as mentioned.
Clean up immediately, oil spillages on the tarmac driveway with detergents or soap by mopping. You can wash with a soapy water solutions if the spill can not go off by mopping.
Finally, if after many years of Installation and you notice some cracks or damages on your tarmac driveway, do not hesitate to contact us for immediate repair.

Leverage on our set of experienced professional craftsmen, stonemasons and tradesmen at Premium Driveways of Derby who combines skills with technology to give you the best out of the hundreds and thousands of other companies out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a driveway?

A driveway is a short road leading from a public road to your house or other buildings. Alternatively, it also be defined as a private way for cars leading from a street or road to a garage or building.

What is another name for a driveway?

Other words like entrance, avenue, gateway, track, pathway can be used to mean the same as driveway

What is a tarmac driveway?

A tarmac driveway is a surface covered with a mixture of tar and broken stones which produces a material called tarmacadam, but can be called tarmac in a short form.

Can I get a tarmac driveway installed for me?

Yes, anyone can have a tarmac driveway installed provided you have a surface that needs to be covered and you can afford the cost.

Where can a tarmac driveway be installed?

A tarmac driveway can be installed on private and public road, car parks, pathways, commercial premises, and home premises.

Who is Premium Driveways of Derby?

Premium Driveways of Derby is a construction company based in Derby that offer professional tarmac driveway solutions. They can be contacted on 01332-215145

Can Premium Driveways of Derby install a tarmac driveway in the future when I have the resources?

Yes. We will always be there for you. Just give us a call on 01332-215145 and we will attend to you at all times.

Is tarmac driveways for both residential and commercial purposes?

Yes. Premium Driveways of Derby offer professional tarmac solutions for both residential and commercial clients in the local Derby area.

Can Premium Driveways of Derby Install a tarmac driveway for me if I live outside of Derby?

Yes, for other parts of the UK, it will be a little more expensive depending on which part of the UK you live.

Is it cheap to install a tarmac driveway?

Although, tarmac is considered a cheap option for driveways and its cheapness is one of the reasons for its biggest advantage. The price it will cost you to get a gravel surface driveway can give you a smart and clean looking tarmac driveway. Tarmac take less time to lay which has made the cost of its labour very cheap.

How much does a tarmac driveway cost?

Tarmac is one of the cheapest and most popular driveway surfaces both in the cost of material and Installation. The price it will cost will depend on the size and the complexity of the work. We are assuring you of a high quality standard tarmac driveway at an affordable price. Please do give us a call on 01332-215145 and you will be on your way to having your desired tarmac driveway installed.

What is the difference between Tarmac and Asphalt driveways?

Tarmac uses more stones or aggregates and it is not labour intensive, but Asphalt uses less stones or aggregate and requires more machinery and labour to lay it down. Both can also be formed with bitumen but in a varying composition. Sometimes people use them interchangeably.

My driveway is large can tarmac be used to cover it?

Yes, for large driveways tarmac is usually the best option. This is because it gives wide range of coverages on large surfaces at a cheap price.

Can tarmac withstand the weight and pressure of the many vehicles plying my driveway?

Yes, tarmac driveways have been the best choices when it comes to areas with high traffic of vehicles. They are made with materials that can not be damaged or cracked easily as a result of pressure or weight.