Concrete Driveways Derby

Concrete Driveways Derby is one of the best companies or contractors you can sought for when it comes to installation of a concrete driveway in the UK, but can be the best in Derby. Over the years we have built a reputation through our quality services with the use of workers that are highly skilled and experienced in the execution of their work. We are professionals in constructing concrete driveways.
Concrete driveway constructions are gaining higher popularity over asphalt or bitumen or other types of surfacing materials and offers a variety of decorative options which makes them unique from other types of driveways.

The Definition of a Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are considered to be one of the most popular type of driveways in the UK and in Derby to be precise. In the past, deciding on which driveway to choose was an easy task as there were fewer options to be chosen from. But today, with the emergence of concrete driveways with decorative options, homeowners now have variety of choices to select from.
Concrete driveway is a process where suitable sub base is laid down and a layer of concrete is poured over the top. To make it a decorative one, you have to choose a colour and a pattern. So, while the concrete is still hot, your chosen colour is applied and the specified pattern is imprinted to create your chosen effect thereby making it colourful and pleasurable at sight. Is that not simple? It is simple, but it requires the work of professionals. And that is why Concrete Driveways Derby is here to install it for you so that you can achieve that excellent aesthetic view. It does not cost almost anything to have it installed. It is durable and offers some flexibility in its appearance. It can be stamped or dyed to change the colour, texture or richness. It can also be augmented to make it look more expensive.
There is no main drawback to this type of driveway only that cold weather can adversely affect it and that makes it a matter of concern to some homeowners. But with Concrete Driveways Derby you do not have anything to be bothered about.

Understanding the techniques about the installation of a concrete driveway.

Most of the driveway constructions provides a first impression. Hence, the concrete driveway construction must be properly facilitated by the contractor in charge, in order to obtain the desired quality, fine finishing and durability. The quality of workmanship and the materials used for the construction will determine the performance and aesthetics of the concrete driveway. That is why we are recommending Concrete Driveways Derby as your best option.
Concrete being a material used in the construction of bridges, high rise buildings and structures perfectly reflects its superior quality when used for a driveway.

Some of the following conditions that needed to be met when installing a concrete driveway are as follows

  • Proper Subgrade Preparation: The subgrade must be prepared to ensure uniformity in soil composition and compaction. This will help to provide great support for heavy loads coming on top of the driveway.
  • Placement of Reinforcement: Some of the light duty concrete driveways makes use of plain concrete, but high duty concrete driveways uses reinforced concrete. This is to increase the structural capacity of the driveway especially for areas with high traffic.
  • Selection of Proper Concrete Mix: The use of a proper concrete mix provides uniformity to the concrete which helps it to eliminate random cracking issues.
  • Concrete Placement: The structural capacity of a concrete driveway is highly influenced by the thickness implemented. The minimum recommended thickness for a concrete driveway is 4 inches, but an increment from 4 to 5 inches increases the structural capacity to 50%. However this can be decided based on the specification and requirements of the driveway. Another thickness of 1 to 2 inches is provided at the edge of the concrete driveway because the edges are subject to heavy loading.
  • Adequate Drainage Facility: A proper drainage system helps to eliminate standing water from the surface of the driveway. The drainage can be achieved by sloping some areas accurately or by constructing a drainage system at low points where sloping is not possible.
  • Proper Finishing of the Concrete Driveway: Proper care must be taken towards the finishing process of the concrete driveway. This is because of the operations performed over bleeding water on the surface or the problem of overworking. Uniformity is achieved by striking off excess concrete with a screed. It will also be good if the concrete surface is sealed at premature so that the bleeding water will not evaporate.

Cost of Installing a concrete driveway

In its analysis, the cost of a concrete driveway comprises of construction cost and maintenance cost. The initial cost of concrete driveway construction can be competitive, but this is compromised with the zero maintenance cost it offers. A concrete driveway that is properly constructed can last for about 25 to 30 years without any maintenance. This brings a considerable cost saving over time. Other types of driveways can not offer this type of cost saving.

The Durability of a concrete driveway

A concrete driveway that is well Installed and maintained can last for many decades, usually 40 to 50 years or more. They can last two or three times longer than an asphalt driveway. This durability can often be achieved when installed by Concrete Driveway Derby. Concrete being a superior structural material can accommodate heavy traffic loads. They can withstand wears and tears as well as other climatic conditions. A properly planned concrete driveway construction with mix designs and at joints guarantees long term integrity. A concrete driveway can be your best option for areas with high traffic, high freezing and thawing conditions as well as to chemical exposures.

Maintenance of a concrete driveway

As earlier stated, a concrete driveway is almost maintenance free. Alternatively, we can say that they have less maintenance compared to other driveways around. This is because of their high durability in nature. Unlike other surfacing options, weeds and slab shifting do not affect concrete driveways. In the case of stains, the use of stain cleaners removes every stains on top of the concrete driveway. Sometimes, yearly cleaning of the surface can be an ideal practice. It is also good to note that the use of sealants is a good recommendation when constructing a concrete driveway. The reason is to avoid stains and other forms of damage to the concrete surface.

Can I replace my concrete driveway?

Yes, your concrete driveway can be replaced. The good news is that your old concrete driveway can be crushed and recycled at the end of its lifespan. The material from your recycled driveway can then be used as granular fill and as a base course for a new pavement. They can also be used as aggregate for a new concrete. The process of recycling your old concrete driveway can only be performed by professionals, and that is another reason why you need to use Concrete Driveways Derby for all your driveway constructions.

The Versatility of a concrete driveway

The concrete driveway is a perfect match for any type of landscaping designs or building layouts. It is perfect for both residential and public traffic use. It offers a variety of designs for homeowners, car parks and commercial premises. It enhances the look of your property beyond expectations. All these makes a concrete driveway versatile. In addition, concrete naturally is brighter and more reflective than asphalt. With little or no light at night, you can see very well at night on your concrete driveway because its high reflectivity in nature.

Precautions to note

Concrete pouring for driveway construction demands hard labour and is best conducted by professionals like Concrete Driveways Derby. It may not be successful when it is done as a Do It Yourself (DIY) project.
The implementation of polished or stamped concrete driveway can be more expensive than the normal type. Therefore, special maintenance is required for this type of Concrete driveway for it to last for a very long period of years.
Yearly maintenance by the application of sealants is recommended to ensure long life of the concrete driveway slabs.
When your concrete driveway is newly installed, it is recommended that adequate curing should be performed for 7days. Negligence of curing can reduce the strength of the driveway, but Concrete Driveway Derby has got you covered against this negligence.

Can I get a warranty for my concrete driveway?

Yes. At Concrete Driveway Derby, we give warranty to all our customers. We will correct for the duration of the warranty any problem that occurred using our intelligence.