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Professional Driveway and Patio Installations in Derby

When it comes to the replacement of your home’s driveway or patio area in Derby, then no need to look no further, as Premium Driveways of Derby are the paving company that people trust. We are a professional team of skilled craftsmen, tradesmen and stonemasons that love transforming customers driveways and patios into stunning high-quality external areas of beauty as if they were our own!

Prospecting for a local Derby company that can meet all your expectations and requirements can be a difficult quest, but I can honestly say you have now found the best driveway surface specialists around for resurfacing your block paving, imprinted concrete, resin or tarmac.

​We have a long list of previously satisfied customers that we are proud of they will always back our claim. Over the years we have built a fine reputation for our outstanding driveway installations of every size, shape and design. Whether you are looking for a large expanse of paving or intricate detail with raised kerbs, steps and patterns, we can accommodate and deliver quality every time.

​We cater for residential clients and some large commercial clients all based around Derbyshire. Our prices are competitive but not the cheapest around, I assure you that quality does not come cheap in paving. We have a good network of local paving suppliers, we receive decent discounts on our materials because we purchase in bulk, and these savings are passed on to our clients. Book a FREE consultation to discuss your new driveway or patio and we can start the preparation of a FREE no-obligation quotation.

Our Services

Block Paving

Premium Driveways of Derby are specialists in the installation of all types of Block Paving Driveways. Our driveways are installed and completed to the highest degree and standards from the initial foundations to a beautifully crafted block paved drive that will enhance your home and certainly add value to your property once finished. The pavers come in a multitude of styles and colours and can be arranged in lots of decorative patterns to suit personal tastes. All our driveways are constructed with the sufficient amount of excavation and drainage required that will take the sub-base materials, this will guarantee a driveway that will outlast many of our competitors, I assure you that not of our driveway surfaces will sink move or break up throughout their lifespan, together with a stunning luxury block paving finish that will compliment the appearance of your home, after all, first impressions count! Driveways are an expensive investment, get the job done right first time and exactly what you paid for. Call Premium Driveways of Derby.

Imprinted Concrete

We are local specialists in Derby that offers quality installations of pattern imprinted concrete areas for driveways, patios and pathways. These solid concrete surfaces can be imprinted with a choice of decorative designs to mimic such things like cobblestones, block paving, crazy paving and timber surfaces. Once they are coloured and sealed to your personal taste they offer a customer a superb hard-wearing, weed-free, stain-resistant, and above all a low maintenance solution for their driveway or external hard surface. Each and every one of our patterned imprinted concrete jobs is laid with care and consideration to excavate a substantial sub-base that will avoid cracks in the future. With just an occasional reseal over the driveways lifespan, all our concrete imprinted surfaces will return you many years of quality service and outlast many other hard surface products. Once laid they offer a fantastic robust option for your driveway. Call now for a FREE Quotation and expert advice.

Resin Driveways

When it comes to the replacement of your old driveway surface, have you ever thought about resin as an option to be considered? Resin driveway installations are gaining traction and fast becoming popular and quite rightly so, as they offer an attractive, robust alternative to standard concrete block paving, tarmac and imprinted concrete options. We can provide resin driveway services locally as we have invested quite substantially in the very best high-tech equipment to do the job, which will guarantee the best quality surfaces for our customers driveways and pathways. We are specialists in this skilled craft and committed to laying luxury resin driveways that look fantastic, weather-resistant, hard wearing surfaces that offer a cost-effective solution for our Derbyshire customers. Resin drive surfaces offer many benefits such as good resistance to weed growth, oil, petrol and diesel spillages and superior protection against the sun’s UV light fading and discolouration. Resin is a low-maintenance product and also eco friendly to the environment. We can offer you a great selection of different colour combinations to tempt and match your personal taste and style. Interested? Call us directly now for a FREE consultation to discuss your requirements.

Tarmac Driveways

Are you thinking about the idea of having a tarmac driveway surface installation in the near future? Or maybe private road surface, pathways or car park. installed at your home property or commercial premises. If so, Premium Driveways of Derby should be your first choice. A luxury tarmac surface not only looks fantastic and totally enhances the overall look of your home it can offer a very good cost-effective solution to cover all unsightly surface areas fast and economically. First impressions always count, especially if you have a business with a car park, or if you are looking for a potential buyer for your home. Tarmac can rapidly transform your external hard surfacing, resulting in an even, flat, very durable and simple to maintain surface that can be ideal for the use of mobility scooters to access easily. Premium Driveways of Derby offers professional tarmac solutions for both our residential and commercial clients in the local Derby area. Everything is taken seriously when we survey a potential Tarmac installation beforehand, including drainage runs and the existing sub-surface that the Tarmac will be laid upon, we take leave nothing to chance as our company relies on our customer recommendation portfolio. Tarmac driveways, car parks, pathways, public areas, or wherever you need a quality tarmac installation, then we are the people to contact. Call now for your FREE Quote.


What are the benefits of block paving driveways

Block paving is one of the simplest driveway surfaces to maintain. It can be cleaned easily with a mix of water and detergent. If any of the blocks get damaged for some reason, then it’s a simple job of removing these blocks and replacing them with new block paving blocks. These attractive and versatile blocks can add luxury and beauty to any area of your home or business that you choose to install them. Block paving is porous so any rainwater is readily absorbed which will minimise pooling and surface water from sitting around for long periods of time so this improves overall drainage problems from occurring. Block paving is a very strong, robust and hard wearing surface that can withstand the constant abuse that life throws at it, such as heavy traffic movement with virtually no wear and tear. Block paving surfaces can also be professionally sealed which offers more protection and keeps your driveway surface in top condition. Block paving can only add value and aesthetic appeal to your home or business.

Do I need planning permission to replace my existing driveway surface?

If you are in the market to replace an existing driveway surface then the answer is most probably no. You will most likely not require planning permission. This would be as long as your new driveway’s surface material is permeable, basically this means porous, that will allow for rainwater to drain through sufficiently. If you are planning on the replacement of an existing driveway that is over 5 square metres and this surface material is of non-permeable qualities, then planning permission will most often than not, need to be applied for. We do always recommend choosing one of our many porous materials that we offer or alternatively, we can address the situation by installing a thorough drainage system that will run parallel with your more traditional and non-permeable product driveway materials.

How deep do you excavate before laying a drive

One of the main considerations and factors that the installation team takes into account before constructing your driveway is the depth of the foundations that will eventually take the sublayer materials prior to the block paving being laid. Driveways that are not excavated substantially deep enough can cause major problems later on such as driveways sinking, shifting, tyre tracks and breaking up on a later date. This is usually the reason why rogue traders do not excavate deep enough as it saves on time and money on materials giving them extra profit at your expense!. This is why you should be aware of cheap driveway prices when approached and offered. You can be rest assured that Premium Driveways of Derby will always excavate to the required depths of 150-200 mm and also take into account the changing rise and fall of the ground surface and adjust depths accordingly.

Do you use subcontractors on your driveway installations?

Never. We are a professional driveway company that have our own employees and work together all the time and have done so for many years. You will be dealing with the same tradesmen from the initial quotation to your completed driveway and final payment, and I am more than confident in the knowledge that you will be very happy with our driveway services, whichever surface that you choose. We therefore hope that you recommend us to your friends and family and they become valid customers also.

How much does it cost for block paving or any other of your driveway surfaces?

Each and every paving job is different and therefore until we know all the variables it’s very difficult to issue a firm price until we have surveyed the area and taken everything into account, it would not be fair on you as a customer or us as a company, the last thing we want to do is give you a price over the phone. Once we have taken various measurements of the area, consulted with you about block selection, design we should have a much better understanding of the project. Other things that can affect the price is the amount of man-hole covers, extra drainage, any further brickwork required such as walls or steps. Once we know your exact requirements then we will prepare a no-obligation quotation for the intended work and the customers approval. Always beware of cheap quotes that companies give you over the phone, cheap paving usually comes at a heavy price to pay later when your paving sinks due to inferior foundations and sub-par materials. Please don’t buy cheap paving installations as it will cost you dearly later on!

How long will it take to Install a new driveway?

Just like any building project the installation time is relevant to the size of the driveway and can be quite varied. Once we have viewed and assessed your particular home or business driveway project, we will have a much more in depth idea of timescales involved. During our initial meeting, we can discuss a schedule on how long we reckon your job will take and our current workload to fit you in..

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